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About the programmer

Once upon a time there was a guy named Aris Bonifacio from Makati. He is the programmer behind and has already been featured on major shows in the Philippines' major TV networks such as ABS-CBN, GMA-7 and QTV 11 as "Jejemaster".

At the height of the jejemon invasion, he was invited to appear on the following shows to explain to the Filipino people the real meaning of jejemon.

"The BUZZ" - ABS-CBN (

"Unang Hirit" - GMA  (

"Simply KC" - ABS-CBN 2 (

"Sus Naman" - QTV 11 (Link unavailable)

He believes that being a jejemon is not bad but instead It is a form of expression and an evolution of his native language.

In time of the recent school opening, he launched  the JEJESCHOOL.COM wherein students or any people can simply visit the site and use the Jejemon Translator that he created so that they will learn how to use the jejemon language in everyday conversation.

jejemon translator